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  • All Soybean varieties available with TerraMax New Tech SI™ & New Tech SI-IF™ Seed treatment and In-furrow inoculant.  Read more about the advantages of TerraMax HERE!  These treated beans come with a 100% replant guarantee.
  • Miller Hybrids is the exclusive distributor for Roeschley Hybrids™ XTend® (Dicamba® tolerant) soybeans in our sales territory.
  • All soybeans are packaged in 140,000 seeds per unit in small bags, 40 unit mini-bulk bags or 48 unit hard boxes (if available).
  • Miller Hybrids also distributes Apex™ brand Enlist® and Liberty Link® GT27™ soybean varieties.  Apex™ brand beans are only offered in 40 unit mini-bulk bags.
  • Rating Scale: 1: Fair – 5: Excellent
Variety Trait(s) RM Standability Stress Tolerance Emergence
Variety Link
Apex™ Brand Soybeans Trait(s) RM Standability
Stress Tolerance