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From Our Ears To Yours: Observations from a Miller DSM (Pat Groth; Western Iowa)


Pat Groth from Harlan, IA has been in the seed business for over 35 years.  He has spent the last few years as a Miller Hybrids DSM.  The following are some brief observations from this tenured seedsman.

A process that usually takes place in a rigorous 4-6 days in my sales area turned into a hit an miss opportunity that stretched out over a period of a wet ,soggy 3 weeks at best. Growers were well supplied with everything from seed to GPS equipment…….only thing missing was decent planting conditions. My Growers were anxious and excited to plant new releases such as RX-10-36 , and RX-06-40 , along with RX12-70, an RX08-97 which have performed excelled in my area.
Those growers who were lucky enough to actually fire up the planters found the early planting dates proved to be beneficial…….some areas had to settle for preventive planting options.
Overall, some of the highest farm averages ever were obtained. My growers are excited and eager to reserve varieties for spring 2020 .The mentioned varieties performed over expectations. Others , although not record yields still reported averages well above expectations. Weather, genetics , seed treatments, are all great topics of conversation as to the respectable yields. Makes one wonder…..are we giving today’s hybrids the true credit they deserve ? Hope your results exceeded your expectations……if not, set up a visit with your Miller Hybrids seed rep, or DSM .

Pat Groth
DSM Miller Hybrids