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A Few Words About Miller Hybrids

About Us

When you choose to work with Miller Hybrids, you are choosing to work with a small, family owned and operated business. Miller Hybrids takes on the same challenges as the big Ag industry, but focus on pleasing its customers, not shareholders. You are choosing to promote local community growth by keeping your dollars in the Midwest, where your grandchildren will benefit.

Bob & Pam Miller

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Elite corn hybrids backed by our unique research program.


Wide variety of soybeans & treatment options to fit your farm.


High-yielding alfalfa with excellent nutritional characteristics.

Other Products

Various cover crops to keep nutrients cycling through your soil.

Why Choose

Miller Hybrids?

  • Innovation

    Listening to your needs and providing improved solutions by testing new products in unique and accurate ways is the way forward.

  • Research

    Research at Miller Hybrids is a serious, year-round business. Our research has produced 14 new, unique commercial corn hybrids.

  • Partnerships

    Working together, with your best intrest in mind, is what Miller Hybrids is all about.

  • Sustainability

    The essence of sustainability is helping growers like you become the most profitable and productive farmers you can be, now and in the future.

  • Commitment

    We are committed to working with you, where you are, and getting you the best price we can. Every farmer. Every day.

What Others Are Saying


Jay Markmann

“Being a small producer, I’ve had excellent success with Miller Hybrids. From picking hybrids to answering any questions you have, Bob and his team treat every customer like you’re their largest. I’ve planted Miller Hybrids corn the last 3 years and my farm averages have been outstanding compared to my previous seed brand, exceeding 230 Bu/acre in 2018 on low CSR sandy ground.” 

Jay Markmann
Wyoming, IA

Andy Anderson

“Although I’m new to Miller Hybrids as a customer, I’m confident that my dealer will continue to provide me and my farming operation with the customer service I have come to expect. I look forward to the knowledge and product information they provide.”

Andy Anderson
Elk Horn, Iowa

Gail Miller

“I buy my seed based on performance, value and the agronomic recommendations from a trustworthy local dealer. My Miller Hybrids products have defined their value on my farm. I’m very impressed with my yields and product performance, and am excited about the new products each year.” 

Gail Miller
Soldier, IA

Mike Dobesh

“I planted Miller Hybrids for the first time this year and literally bet my whole farm on it, and I am not sorry I made that choice! Miller Hybrids has exceeded my expectations! I would much rather do business with a smaller company who cares about its customers, than a bigger company who is only worried about their profits. Miller Hybrids has the top-of-the-line latest and greatest products backed by a well-respected plant breeder in the industry.”

Mike Dobesh
Wood River, NE

David Graybill

“I have been all Miller Hybrids since 2010. I like the fact that I can talk to the plant breeder when I have questions about a hybrid for a specific soil type and he also happens to be the owner of the company. Rarely does the operator have those options to gather information.”

David Graybill
Freeport, IL