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What is a grower Stewardship Agreement?

A grower Stewardship Agreement states that you as the grower will follow the refuge requirements when planting products containing traits.  Following these terms and conditions is essential to protecting and preserving the long-term use of these traits.

Why do I need to sign a Stewardship Agreement?

The Stewardship Agreement must be signed prior to planting and the terms must be followed by any grower that plants hybrids with insect resistant traits. Failure to comply with the agreement could result in a fine and jeopardize your continued use of the technology.

How do I get a Stewardship Agreement?

Growers can obtain a Stewardship Agreement by using the links below. It is preferred that agreements are filled out electronically by using the AgCelerate website. Using AgCelerate allows growers to register and sign multiple agreements at once, this can cover a grower across all technologies. Once a grower is registered for products they plant, a license number will be generated under the appropriate entity.