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Cover Crops & Other Forages

Miller Hybrids has selected specific varieties from the Aflorex Seeds portfolio to bring rich new options to you through your Miller Hybrids dealers. Ask your Miller Hybrids Seed Expert about the excellent forage and cover crop varieties listed below.  We will assist in diversification planning by using these forage products along with our excellent alfalfa lineup.  We recommend using cover crops on part of your bean ground this fall and will help form a plan to try this nutrient saving and compaction reduction approach. Cereal Rye, Timothy and additional products, besides those listed below, are available if a minimum order quantity is purchased.

Ripper Forage Radish
Mercury Annual Ryegrass
​Crimson Clover

Hayking II Hi-Gest® BMR Hybrid Sudangrass
SilageKing BMR Hybrid Forage Sorghum

Optima Orchardgrass
Forte Tall Fescue
​Jetta Italian Ryegrass