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Miller Hybrids

Why is Miller Hybrids

such a well-kept secret and why am I finally hearing about them?

​While some companies are cutting back, we recently hired two new territory salesmen for Iowa and Illinois because now is your time to capitalize on the Miller Hybrids research effort.  Our elite seed lineup contains conventional and diverse corn and soybean trait options designed for your farming operation. We evaluate our unique product offerings, as well as traits and genetics from all major suppliers.  We also offer outstanding hybrid alfalfa.  Our focus is on listening to farmers concerns and wants, understanding how each customer farms, knowing  their input budget, and providing seed solutions designed to maximize their profit per acre.

Some things you will not see from Miller Hybrids are a lot of mass marketing and advertising or a focus on last year’s hot hybrid.  You will not see a lot of show plots and data comparisons where we usually seem to win (as most other companies claim), even though Miller Hybrids has tens of thousands of data points from our accurate research testing that could be used that way. Instead, we strive to always insure that we place the right products and traits on your individual fields to give you the best “bang for your buck.”

Miller Hybrids celebrated our 15 year anniversary in June 2020.  Our customers’ success has allowed us to consistently expand our business.  Our low key marketing approach is geared toward helping current customers with loyalty rewards and a generous volume and prepay discount program. We spend our marketing dollars on solutions that work, 100% replant guarantees, and being there when there is a concern or joy to observe.

Our retail sales expansion has been slowed by the Miller Hybrids initial focus on a large, local corn research effort (see “Research” tab at the top) instead of hiring more salespersons.  Patience is a virtue; in this case, as many exciting things have come from this corn research, including three recently patented corn parent lines and many unique hybrids, which offer elite performance, with conventional and diverse trait options. We also have gained valuable field placement and hybrid management knowledge from this research effort.  Miller Hybrids will not release a hybrid that hasn’t been through its testing programs which spans 3 maturity groups and at least two corn-on-corn sites.

Why should you consider Miller Hybrids

as your Seed Partner?


Completely Independent

Owned by famers Bob and Pam Miller who both work in the business. Bob was a plant breeder for 23 years and currently operates a large research effort.


Know their Stuff

A focus on observations in customer fields and the Miller Hybrids research trials allow Miller Hybrids to solve or prevent problems, with options others don’t have.  If we don’t have a good solution, we will find someone who does and get the information or referral you need.


Quick Response

Put your salesperson and the Miller Hybrids owner on your speed dial and we will be there when you need us to help with whatever you need to raise a successful crop.


Willing to Listen to Needs and Wants

Rather than giving you the ”company line” on what we know you need, based on our inventory or profit, we will put your success first!


Diverse Herbicide Trait Options

Miller Hybrids specializes in keeping diverse herbicide trait options including straight conventional, Liberty Link (LL) only, Glyphosate (G) (Roundup® only), or both.


Quick to Market with Products we know and slow to pull products and traits you like

We listen to farmers and continue to sell products that work for them, while always seeking products which will provide additional solutions they need going forward.  Your farm experience and our research both matter to us!


Diverse Insect Trait Options

Miller Hybrids offers corn borer plus rootworm, with LL, G, or both. Miller also offers complete above ground insect options from Monsanto®, Agrisure®, or Herculex® or a combination.


Great Drought Tolerance Options

We offer Artesian drought tolerance, and natural drought tolerant hybrids. We also have evaluated but don’t offer Genuity Drought Guard®.

Miller Hybrids

is a Research Company that Sells!

Miller Hybrids has a new line development effort with access to an elite germplasm base and biotechnology tools. Most of our conventional hybrids and several traited products are unique to Miller Hybrids and arose from this research. Miller Hybrids Research is led by Bob Miller, Ph.D., who annually evaluates over 1000 new corn hybrids in 70+ acres scattered across five or six research sites in eastern Iowa and Illinois. In 2015, our research sites represent a range of soil types that are chosen to express typical soil variability and they include two corn-on-corn research fields, while many competitor research tests are conducted on ideal soils following a soybean rotation. Hybrids are tested in a North-South pattern across at least 3 maturity zones to reduce year effects. Miller Hybrids Research involves evaluating our most advanced hybrids and key competitor hybrids in eight row plots that are 37 feet long, compared to standard competitors’ research efforts that grow two-row plots that are 17 feet long. The use of eight row plots, with the center four rows harvested for yield, removes inter-plot competition effects and allows selection for hybrids which have more grain compared to the total plant weight.

In 2015, seven farmer grown replicated ministrip trials are also being conducted in Iowa and Illinois. These plots have between 24 and 40 geographically adapted hybrids. They are grown in plots which are 45 to 60 feet long by 6 to 8 rows wide with the middle 4 rows harvested for yield. Three of these plots are grown in corn-on-corn fields and 2 sites contain 100% conventional hybrids.

These research efforts will identify a continuous stream of premium performance hybrids for your farming needs, into the future.

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