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Miller Hybrids’ M09-01 “Flexes” at ISU and FIRST Trials

Although Bob Miller didn’t enter a high number of his hybrids in the 2019 ISU and FIRST Trials, two of them came to play.

M09-01 Conventional placed 2nd at Glidden, IA in the ISU early season, central district plot.  It yielded 266.3bu/acre which was 21.1bu/acre above the plot mean.  This same hybrid also took 4th place at Keystone, IA in the ISU early season, central district plot, and 3rd at Emmetsburg, IA in the 2019 NW district full season FIRST Trial plot.  M13-81 Conventional yielded 229.62bu/acre to finish 9th at Lewis, IA in the ISU full season south district plot.

The “cherry on top” for M09-01 was the 2nd place finish it took across all 5 locations in the ISU trial.  It yielded 10.6bu/acre above the trial mean as a conventional.  This hybrid needs a little room to grow and needs to be harvested in a timely fashion, but in the optimal situation it will definitely not disappoint.