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Miller Research

Miller Hybrids research is conducted under tough conditions to allow the identification of hybrids that can tolerate the stresses that are typical in your fields.  In 2019 we have 5 main corn research sites involving approximately 85 acres and 1800 hybrids. Over half our acres involve 8-row plots with the middle 4-rows harvested for yield, to minimize inter-plot competition and maximize accuracy.  We have a corn-on-corn site and we have soils ranging from sandy to tight black soil. Three sites were sprayed with a fungicide. We have a study to confirm the yield advantage of our Vertex corn inoculant. Vertex™ is part of our Shieldcoat™ seed treatment for corn hybrids we are selling this year, Vertex contains a bacteria that fixes N from the atmosphere and a P solubilizing bacteria.  Our research allows us to understand hybrids the hybrids we recommend for your farm. Our goal is to only add to our portfolio those high-performing and well understood hybrids that are needed to maximize your financial return per corn acre.

Bob Miller

President & Owner