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Author: Kari Heusinkveld

Scouting for Insects, Diseases & Weeds

Insects Black Cutworms and Fall Armyworms have created some problems this year, especially in fields planted with cover crops ahead of corn. Continue to scout your fields with greater concern paid to weedy areas or late planted corn. Adding an insecticide to a spray program may be cost effective, especially in continuous corn.  It also…

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How Much Nitrogen Do I Need?

Nitrogen availability near flowering time and during grain fill is one of the most important differences in final yields. Leaching and wash off of surface applied N, on wetter or compacted soils, has led to some later planted fields showing yellowing and stunting. This is more noticeable in continuous corn fields. These stunted plants will…

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Planting the Right Genetics and Traits

It is important to choose hybrids which best match your soil type, fertility, soil drainage and fungicide use practices. A general rule is to try new hybrids on better soils and stick with more tried and true hybrids on poorer soils.  Hybrid blends can work best on variable soils. Many people are no longer using…

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Vertex-ST Corn Seed Treatment

Vertex-ST is a seed treatment for corn that combine two great TerraMax Products: MicroAZ-IF and Micro PSB-IF in to one amazing product for ease of use and greater yield potential. The proven performance of MicroAZ-IF and Micro PSB-IF in Vertex-ST gives the plant the benefits of fixing atmospheric nitrogen and increasing root growth through the…

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Miller Research

Miller Hybrids research is conducted under tough conditions to allow the identification of hybrids that can tolerate the stresses that are typical in your fields.  In 2019 we have 5 main corn research sites involving approximately 85 acres and 1800 hybrids. Over half our acres involve 8-row plots with the middle 4-rows harvested for yield,…

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Comments & Concerns on Crops

This has been a year filled with tremendous opportunity to raise a very good crop of corn, but also a year that will yield disappointing results in many fields or parts of fields.   As I walk through fields and predict dramatically different potential results in adjacent areas, I am seeing the need to improve…

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