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Author: Joel Davidson

17 Ways To Improve Your Corn Yield. (Article From Farm Progress)

“Back in 2011, agronomists agreed that averaging 300 bushels of corn per acre by 2030 was out of line, even though some short-term trend lines indicated such corn yield gains were possible.  Before you finish getting the planter ready to roll, check out thee 17 tips that could help you boost corn yield.  If it’s…

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Should I Apply Fungicide to My Corn and Beans in 2022?

For those of you on the fence trying to decide whether or not to spray your corn and soybeans with fungicide this year, take a look at the newest information on “Bob’s Blog”.  Some key benefits can include:  Increased photosynthesis, Improved standability, Better N Utilization and Improved stress tolerance     Click here to learn more…

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Use practices such as starter fertilizer, split applications and stabilizers to ensure nutrients are available to the crop early and during the entire growing season.

You’re busy prepping equipment for the 2022 planting season and anxiously awaiting the first chance to get in the field. And you don’t want your neighbors to beat you. Still, don’t skimp on fertilizer applications to get there. “Up to 60% of crop yield is dependent on soil fertility,” says Taylor Purucker, Mosaic Co. eastern North America…

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The Easy Way Isn’t Always The Best Way!

This is a great article on variety M11-66 and Bob Miller’s harvest middle approach to hybrid selection. In 2020 after the derecho sent up to 140mph across Iowa, other companies were abandoning their research due to down corn. However, Miller Hybrids painstakingly took the time to harvest data and finding some diamonds in those harvest…

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Miller Hybrids’ M09-01 “Flexes” at ISU and FIRST Trials

Although Bob Miller didn’t enter a high number of his hybrids in the 2019 ISU and FIRST Trials, two of them came to play. M09-01 Conventional placed 2nd at Glidden, IA in the ISU early season, central district plot.  It yielded 266.3bu/acre which was 21.1bu/acre above the plot mean.  This same hybrid also took 4th…

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